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All the lyrics of Avantasia:

Lost In Space
The Scarecrow
The Seven Angels
Reach Out For The Light
Breaking Away
Another Angel Down
Sign Of The Cross
Twisted Mind
Serpents In Paradise
The Final Sacrifice
No Return
The Glory Of Rome
Carry Me Over
Shelter From The Rain
Dying For An Angel
The Tower
The Looking Glass
What Kind Of Love
Chalice Of Agony
Malleus Maleficarum
Cry Just A Little
The Toy Master
Promised Land
A New Dimension
In Nomine Patris
Into The Unknown
In Quest For
The Wicked Symphony
Devil In The Belfry
I Don't Believe in Your Love
Death Is Just A Feeling
The Story Ain't Over
Lay All Your Love On Me
Angel Of Babylon
Runaway Train
Scales Of Justice
Your Love Is Evil
Blizzard On A Broken Mirror
Down In The Dark
Blowing Out The Flame
Symphony Of Life
Forever Is A Long Time
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Alone I Remember
Rat Race
The Watchmaker's Dream
In My Defense
Black Orchid
Black Wings
Journey To Arcadia
States Of Matter
The Edge
Scary Eyes
Ride The Sky
Where Clock Hands Freeze
Savior In The Clockwork
Invoke The Machine
What's Left Of Me
Dweller In A Dream
The Great Mystery
Return To Avantasia
The Cross And You
Bonus Track(The Final Sacrifice)
Reach Out For The Lights
Final Sacrifice
Mystery of a Blood Red Rose
Glory of Rome
In My Defence
carry my over
In My Defense_NRS
The Story Ain't Over_NRS
Chailice Of Agony
Unchain The Light
Isle Of Evermore
Wake Up To The Moon
A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies
Draconian Love
Let The Storm Descend Upon You
The Haunting
Babylon Vampyres
Master Of The Pendulum
Seduction Of Decay