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All the lyrics of Axel Rudi Pell:

Broken heart
Oceans Of Time
When A Blind Man Cries
You And I
Forever Angel
Silent Angel
The Clown Is Dead
Falling Tears
Don't Say Goodbye
Your Life (Not Close Enough To Paradise)
Tear Down The Walls
Forever Young
The Eye's Of The Lost
The Temple of The King
Wild Cat
Rock The Nation
Come Back To Me
The Masquerade Ball
All the Rest of My Life
Ashes From The Oath
In The Air Tonight
Love Gun
The Line
The Temple Of The Holy
Sea Of Evil
Strong As A Rock
Touching My Soul
Edge Of The World
The Curse of the Damned
Earls Of Black
Innocent Child
Glory Night
You Want Love
Like A Child Again
Fool Fool
Snake Eyes
Haunted Castle Serenade
Nasty Reputation
No Chance To Live
Before I Die
Ain't Gonna Win
Tearin' out my heart
Flyin' High
Call Her Princess
Too Late
Ghost In The Black
Northern Lights
Eternal Prisoner
Under The Gun
Cold Heaven
Voodoo Nights
Run With The Wind
Cry Of The Gypsy
Fly To The Moon
Night And Rain
July Morning
Beautiful Day
Hey Joe
Ride The Rainbow
Hear You Calling Me
Black Moon Pyramid
Hot Wheels
Streets Of Fire
Follow The Sign
Valley Of Sin
I Will Survive
I Believe In You
Call Of The Wild Dogs
Legions Of Hell
Talk Of The Guns
Cold As Ice
Only The Strong Will Survive
Land Of The Giants
Dark Waves Of The Sea
Slave Of Love
Circle Of The Oath
Coming Home
Wanted Man
The Gates Of The Seven Seals
Gettin' Dangerous
Live For The King
Touch The Rainbow
Devil Zone
Living On The Wildside
Between The Walls
Pay The Price
Holy Diver
Wishing Well
Long Time
Take The Crown