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All the lyrics of Boston:

More Than A Feeling
A New World
Peace of Mind
Foreplay-Long Time
Don't Look Back
To Be A Man
Higher Power (Kalodner Edit)
Something About You
Hitch A Ride
A Man I'll Never Be
Rock And Roll Band
Party (TJ)
Rock & Roll Band
Let Me Take You Home Tonight
Livin' for you
Feelin' Satisfied
Cool the Engines
Tell Me
We're Ready
I Need Your Love
It's Easy
The Star Spangled Banner, 4th Of July Reprise
I Think I Like It
Don't Be Afraid
My Destination
The Launch
Used To Bad News
With You
I Had A Good Time
Can'tcha Say - Still In Love
Walk On
Didn't Mean To Fall In Love
Long Time
More Then A Feeling
Surrender To Me (TJ)
We Can Make It
What's Your Name
You Gave Up On Love
Corporate America
Stare Out Your Window
Turn It Off
The Journey
Rock n roll band
Walkin' At Night
Still In Love
Boston - 04 - Rock & Roll Band
Boston - 02 - Peace of Mind
Boston - 03 - Foreplay; Long Time
Can't Fight This Feeling
Dust In The Wind
Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me)
Get Organ-Ized
It's been such a long time
Boston - 05 - Smokin'
Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
more that a feeling
Boston - 08 - Let Me Take You Home Tonight
Man I'll Never Be
Boston - 06 - Hitch A Ride
Don't Look Back - 01 - Don't Look Back
Don't Look Back - 03 - It's Easy
It feels like the very first time
More Than A Feeling CRT
Amanda CRT
Foreplay_long Time CRT
Walk On Medley_ Walkin' At Night~Walk On~Get Organ-ized~Walk On(Some More)
San Francisco Day
life Isn't Easy