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All the lyrics of Cannibal Corpse:

Hammer Smashed Face
Make Them Suffer
I Cum Blood
I will kill you
Fucked With A Knife
Stripped Raped And Strangled
Addicted to Vaginal Skin
A Skull Full of Maggots
Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Meat Hook Sodomy
The Time to Kill Is Now
Shredded Humans
Devoured By Vermin
Gallery Of Suicide
Death Walking Terror
Blood Drenched Execution
Priests of Sodom
No Remorse
Dead Human Collection
Murder Worship
Evisceration Plague
Covered With Sores
Under The Rotted Flesh
pit of zombies
Split Wide Open
The Cryptic Stench
The Bleeding
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
Demented Aggression
Sentenced To Burn
Decency Defied
Born In A Casket
Vomit The Soul
Post Mortal Ejaculation
The Exorcist
Five Nails Through the Neck
Frantic Disembowelment
Pounded Into Dust
Necrosadistic Warning
Perverse Suffering
Put Them To Death
Scalding Hail
Disposal Of The Body
Entrails Ripped From A Virgin's Cunt
The Wretched Spawn
The Spine Splitter
The Undead Will Feast
Return To Flesh
Butchered At Birth
Severed Head Stoning
Beyond The Cemetery
A Cauldron Of Hate
Living Dissection
Zero The Hero
She Was Asking For It
Edible Autopsy
To decompose
The Pick-Axe Murders
Scourge Of Iron
Mummified In Barbed Wire
Force Fed Broken Glass
Scattered Remains Splattered Brains
Savage Butchery
Rancid Amputation
Psychotic Precision
Sarcophagic Frenzy
Bloody Chunks
Submerged in Boiling Flesh
Cyanide Assassin
Innards Decay
Blowtorch Slaughter
Encased In Concrete
Evidence in the furnace
An Experiment In Homicide
They Deserve To Die
Carnivorous Swarm
Rotting Head
Beheading and Burning
Festering In The Crypt
As Deep As THe Knife Will Go
Dismembered And Molested
Shatter their bones
Purification by fire
Nothing Left To Mutilate
Puncture Wound Massacre
Carrion sculpted entity
Chambers Of Blood
Hatchet To The Head
Dormant Bodies Bursting