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All the lyrics of Cockburn Bruce:

For The Birds (2:14)
Love Song (4:49)
Burn (4:08)
Tokyo (3:25)
World Of Wonders
Justice (4:49)
After The Rain (3:37)
Loner (6:00)
Somebody Touched Me (4:14)
Actions Speak Louder (2:59)
Lord of the Starfields (life)
Nicaragua (4:47)
Water Into Wine (5:30)
Fall (2:58)
Soul Of A Man (3:52)
Anything Can Happen (4:30)
Call It Democracy (3:26)
Lovers In A Dangerous Time
Northern Lights (4:10)
Wondering Where The Lions Are (3:39)
Deja Vu (5:36)
Rumours Of Glory (3:38)
The Gift (6:04)
If I Had A Rocket Launcher (4:59)
Night Train
Free To Be (2:29)
Change Your Mind (2:19)
A Dream Like Mine (3:53)
One Day I Walk (3:06)
Dust And Diesel (5:24)
Shining Mountain (5:10)
Laughter (3:30)
And We Dance (4:45)
Coldest Night Of The Year (3:58)
Christmas Song (3:52)
One Of The Best Ones (6:57)
I'm Gonna Fly Someday (4:02)
Stolen Land (5:23)
The Strong One (6:03)
Waiting For A Miracle (4:48)
Peggy's Kitchen Wall (3:42)
To Raise The Morning Star (5:52)
God Bless The Children (4:17)
Maybe The Poet (3:42)
Rainfall (3:48)
Hand-Dancing (4:30)
Silver Wheels (5:44)
Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long (4:1
Tropic Moon (4:38)
The Trouble With Normal (3:17)
People See Through You
Understanding Nothing
If A Tree Falls (5:43)
Can I Go With You (2:30)
See How I Miss You
Great Big Love (5:50)
It's Going Down Slow (3:31)
Making Contact (3:46)
Stained Glass (3:12)
Kit Carson (4:12)
Spring Song (4:19)
The Coldest Night Of The Year (3:58)
Joy Will Find A Way (4:08)
Creation Dream (4:02)
You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance (4:17)
Going To The Country (3:10)
All The Diamonds In The World (2:40)
Candy Man's Gone (4:00)
Sahara Gold (4:31)
Tibetan Side Of Town
Berlin Tonight (7:06)
Starwheel (3:52)
Fascist Architecture (2:37)
Lily Of The Midnight Sky (4:42)
Listen For The Laugh (4:07)
Feet Fall On The Road (2:41)
Dancing In Paradise
Man Of A Thousand Faces (5:40)
Cry Of A Tiny Babe (7:30)
Indian Wars (6:58)
Down Here Tonight (3:53)
Santiago Dawn (4:49)
Mighty Trucks Of Midnight (5:54)
My Lady And My Lord (2:15)
Never So Free (3:57)
Musical Friends (2:54)
Shipwrecked At The Stable Door (3:38)
Child Of The Wind (3:18)
Wanna Go Walking (2:52)
Vagabondage (4:18)
Waiting For The Moon (4:22)
Bright Sky (4:01)
Yanqui Go Home (4:27)
You Don't Have To Play The Horses (3:42)
Where The Death Squad Lives (4:23)
Arrows Of Light (4:50)
He Came From The Mountain (3:12)
Happy Good Morning Blues (2:40)
How I Spent My Fall Vacation (5:10)
The Coming Rains