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All the lyrics of Crowbar:

All I Had (I Gave)
Sever The Wicked Hand
Isolation (Desperation)
The Cemetery Angels
Liquid Sky And Cold Black Earth
High Rate Extinction
Planets Collide
Waiting In Silence
Existence Is Punishment
The Lasting Dose
As I Become One
Let Me Mourn
To Build A Mountain
Self Inflicted
I Only Deal In Truth
like broken glass
Protectors Of The Shrine
Echo An Eternity
New Dawn
Empty Room
Cleanse Me, Heal Me
Angels Wings
Fall Back to Zero
No Quarter
I Have Failed
I Feel The Burning Sun
I Despise
In Times Of Sorrow
The Only Factor
Will That Never Dies
No More Can We Crawl
Leave It Behind
Time Heals Nothing
...And Suffer As One
Walk With Knowledge Wisely
Still I Reach
Negative Pollution
Glass Full Of Liquid Pain
To Carry The Load
(Can't) Turn Away from Dying
Coming Down
Things You Can't Understand
It Pours from Me
Counting Daze
December's Spawn
Thru the Ashes (I've Watched You Burn)
Suffering Brings Wisdom
Buried Once Again
Down Into The Rotting Earth
Symmetry in White
Command Of Myself
To Touch The Hand Of God
Remember Tomorrow
Through a Wall of Tears
Behind The Black Horizon
Burn Your World
It's All In The Gravity
Wrath of Time Be Judgement
On Frozen Ground
Reflection of Deceit
Ageless Decay
I Am Forever
The Taste of Dying
Embracing Emptiness
Numb Sensitive
Holding Nothing
A Breed Apart
Lack Of Tolerance
Reborn Thru Me
Shaman of Belief
The Foreboding
Slave No More
Oh What A Feeling
Obedience Thru Suffering
A Farewell to Misery
All I Had ,I Gave
Teach the Blind to See
Odd Fellows Rest
Repulsive in Its Splendid Beauty
A Perpetual Need
Symbolic Suicide
A Wealth of Empathy
Scattered Pieces Lay
New Man Born
Feeding Fear
Dead Sun
4 Walls