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All the lyrics of Culture Club:

Karma Chameleon
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
Love Is Love
Time (Clock Of The Heart)
Miss Me Blind
The war song
It's A Miracle
I'll Tumble 4 Ya
Church Of The Poison Mind
I Just Wanna Be Loved
Move Away
The Crying Game
Everything I Own (extended P.w. Botha Mix)
The Dream
White Boy
Changing Every Day
Mistake No.3
Black Money
Im afraid of me
The Medal Song
The Dive
That's The Way (I'm Only Trying to Help You)
Your Kisses Are Charity
Mister Man
Mistake Number 3
I'll Tumble For Ya
Generations Of Love
God Thank You Woman
Man Shake
You Know I'm Not Crazy
Carma chameleon
Take Control
Carma Camaleon
Colour By Numbers
Karma Kameleon
Dangerous Man
Boy, Boy, Boy, (I'm the Boy)
Don't Cry
I Pray
Cold Shoulder
Crime Time
Fat Cat
Mystery Boy
Less Than Perfect
Love Twist
Work On Me Baby
Love Is Cold (You Were Never No Good)
Melting Pot
White Boys Can't Control It
Don't Talk About It
Maybe I'm A Fool
Gusto Blusto
Come Clean
Sweet Toxic Love (Deliverance Mix)
Strange Voodoo
Unfortunate Thing
Karma Charmeleon
Hello Goodbye
Black Comedy
Murder Rap Trap
Heaven's Children
See Thru
Too Bad
Sign Language
From Luxury To Heartache
What Do You Want
Confidence Trick
Don't Go Down That Street
Truth Behind Her Smile
Weep For The Child
medal song
Do you really want to hurt meDo You Really Want to Hurt Me
In the church of the poison mind
God Thank You Womam
time clock of my heart
more than silence audio
Goid Thank You Woman
La Cancion De Guerra
Do You Really Want To Hurst Me
Church Of The Poisoned Mind
Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me