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All the lyrics of Current 93:

All The Pretty Little Horses
Calling For Vanished Faces I
Calling For Vanished Faces II
A Song For Douglas After He's Dead
A Gothic Love Song (For N.)
The Bloodbells Chime
Idumæa (Vocals: Shirley Collins)
Mary Waits In Silence
The Frolic
The Inmost Night
The Descent Of Long Satan And Babylon
A Sadness Song
Soft Black Stars
A Silence Song
Twilight, Twilight, Nihil, Nihil
All The Stars Are Dead Now
Hitler As Kalki (SDM)
Good Morning Great Moloch
The Inmost Light Itself
The Inmost Light
The Carnival Is Dead And Gone
Lucifer Over London
Rosy Star Tears From Heaven
black flowers please
Thunder Perfect Mind I
oh coal black smith
The Long Shadow Falls
A Lament For My Suzanne
This Carnival Is Dead And Gone
A Beginning
Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still
A Sad Sadness Song
since yesterday
The Summer Of Love
Sunset (The Death Of Thumbelina)
All the Pretty Little Horsies
Black Ships In The Sky
When The May Rain Comes
Falling Back In Fields of Rape
All The World Makes Great Blood
Black Ships Ate The Sky
In The Heart Of The Wood And What I Found There
Sad Go Round
Chewing On Shadows
Larkspur And Lazarus
bind your tortoise mouth
AntiChrist and Barcodes
The Signs In The Stars
Moonlight, Or Other Dreams, Or Other Fields
Immortal Bird
Imperium I
So: This Empire Is Nothing
The Death Of The Corn
It Is Time, Only Time
Earth Covers Earth
This Autistic Imperium Is Nihil Reich
The Beautiful Dancing Dust
I Looked to the South Side of the Door
Black Ships Seen Last Year South Of Heaven
The Dilly Song
A voice from catland
black sun bloody moon
The Stair Song
Judas As Black Moth II
Red Hawthorn Tree
They Return to Their Earth
The Blue Gates Of Death (Before And Beyond Them)
Judas as black moth
Steven And I In The Field Of Stars
The Dissolution Of 'The Boat Millions Of Years'
panzer rune
Where The Long Shadows Fall (Beforetheinmostlight)
Vauvauvau (Black Ships In Their Harbour)
Imperium II
She Is Dead And All Fall Down
Abba Amma (Babylon Destroyer)
The Ballad Of The Pale Christ
In The Heart Of The Wood (And What I Found There)
the final church
Dormition And Dominion
Forever Changing
Imperium V
Rome For Douglas P
On Docetic Mountain
Time Tryeth Truth
Then Kill Cæsar