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All the lyrics of Dark Moor:

Swan lake
The Moon
Dies Irae (Amadeus)
a new world
The Sound Of The Blade
Your Symphony
In The Heart Of Stone
Before The Duel
The Chariot
Maid of Orleans
Silver Lake
the star
Somewhere In Dreams
from hell
Devil In The Tower
Green Eyes
The Emperor
Beyond The Sea
The Night Of The Age
Wheel Of Fortune
Bells Of Notre Dame
a life for revenge
The Dark Moor
Starsmaker (Elbereth)
Hand in Hand
The Silver Key
The Hanged Man
Mortal Sin
Beyond The Fire
On The Hill Of Dreams
A Lament of Misery
The Road Again (Acoustic Version)
Going On
A Music In My Soul
Phantom Queen
For her
Alea Jacta
When The Sun Is Gone
Dragon Into The Fire
The Ghost Sword
The Shadow of the Nile
Alaric De Marnac
Quest For The Eternal Fame
Calling On The Wind
Cyrano Of Bergerac
Philip The Second
The Enchanted Forest
The Fool (Bonus Track)
Love From The Stone
Wind Like Stroke
The Sphinx
The Fall Of Melnibone
First Lance of Spain
Return For Love
This is my Way
The King's Sword
A Truth For Me
Born In The Dark
Magic Land
The Bane Of Daninsky, The Werewolf
Vivaldi's Winter
Time Is The Avenger
Together as Ever
The Mysterious Maiden
An End So Cold
Mio Cid
Mistery Of Goddess
Cancion del Pirata
Just Rock
Ah! Wretched Me
The Magician
The City of Peace
The Gates Of Oblivion
Tilt At Windmills
From Dawn to Dusk
The Call
Don't Look Back
And End So Clod
Mist In The Twilight
Living in a Nightmare
The Ceremony
Fallen Leaves Waltz
The Citadel Of The Light
By The Strange Paths Of Destiny
Houdini's Great Escapade
El Ultimo Rey
Ritual Fire Dance
Mozart's March