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All the lyrics of Dierks Bentley:

Drunk On a Plane
Say You Do
I Hold On
What Was I Thinkin'
Tip It On Back
Come a Little Closer
Am I The Only One
Free And Easy (down The Road I Go)
Settle for a Slowdown
Every Mile A Memory
I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes
Feel That Fire
Long Trip Alone
Trying to Stop Your Leaving
Lot of Leavin Left to Do
How Am I Doin'
Up On The Ridge
My Last Name
Band Of Brothers
Gonna Get There Someday
Bourbon In Kentucky
Forget About You
Fallin' For You
Wish It Would Break
So So Long
Bad Angel
Hope For Me Yet
Domestic,Light and Cold
My Love Will Follow You
Cab Of My Truck
Pretty Girls
Come A Little Closer Baby
Last Call (with Ronnie McCoury & Friends)
Distant Shore
Whiskey Tears
Soon As You Can
Can't Live It Down
Back Porch
I Can Only Think Of One
Here On Earth
Sounds of Summer
Sweet &Wild
Hurt Somebody
What Was I Thinking
Good Things Happen
Modern Day Drifter
The Heaven I'm Headed To
Beautiful World
That Don't Make It Easy Loving Me
Life On The Run
Damn These Dreams
how am I doing
Love Grows Wild
Down In The Mine
Is Anybody Loving You These Days
Prodigal Son's Prayer
Gonna Die Young
Bartenders_ Etc...
I Can't Forget Her
Bottle To The Bottom (Featuring Kris Kristofferson)
Little Heartwrecker
Diamonds Make Babies
Better Believer
When You Gonna Come Around
The Woods
Breathe You In
Down On Easy Street
Draw Me A Map
In My Head
I Bought The Shoes
Bartenders, Barstools, Barmaids
Train Travelin'
With the Band
Lot of leaving left to do
Free And Easy Down The Road I Go
You're Dead to Me
Fiddlin' Around
Midnight Radio
Sweet And Wild
Country & Cold Cans
Here She Comes, Here We Go
Bartenders, Barstools And Barmaids
As Soon As You Can
Not Through Loving You
Trying To Stop You Leaving
All The Way To Me
Roses And A Time Machine
Why Do I Feel
Woman, Amen
Can't Be Replaced
Mardi Gras (feat. Trombone Shorty)
I'll Be the Moon (feat. Maren Morris)