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All the lyrics of Ginuwine:

When Doves Cry
in those jeans
So Anxious
Hell Yeah
same ol' g
Tell Me Do U Wanna
What's So Different?
Love You More
Wait A Minute
Just Because
When We Make Love
Last chance
Since I Found U
Even When I'm Mad
The Best Man I Can Be
I'm In Love
Super Human
My Last Chance
Why We're Fighting
There It Is
None Of Ur Friends Business
One Time For Love
I Love You More Everyday
2 Way
Only When Ur Lonely
I'm Feelin You
You Owe Me
How Deep Is Your Love
Lonely Daze
Why Not Me
Betta Half
I'll Do Anything/i'm Sorry
World Is So Cold
She's Out Of My Life
Open the Door
No. 1 Fan
G. Thang
Locked Down
Final Warning
I Know
Oh Girl
She's Like
Ride My Pony
Open Arms
I'm Crying Out
Ginuwine 4 UR Mind
Simply Irresistible
550 What
Want U to Be
My Whole Life Has Changed
Little Man's Bangin Lude
Chedda Brings
Tribute To A Woman
Get Ready (feat. Snoop Dogg &The Rook)
How Would You Like It?
Role Play
Why Did You Go
On My Way
Our First Born
Little Kidz
Bridge To Love
Get Involved
Take a Chance
Show After The Show
How Deep Is Yor Love
Two Reasons I Cry
Two Sides To A Story
So Fine
Do You Remember
Toe 2 Toe
Big Plans
Bedda Man
Used To Be The One
That's How I Get Down
All Night All Day
All Nite All Day
Thank You's
Far Away
Simply Irresistable
Better Days
Glaze In My Eye
Bedda To Have Loved
Toe To Toe
Say When
Hell Yea
Tigger &The Gizzle
I'll Do Anything