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All the lyrics of Guardian:

Te Veo En El Cielo
Como el sol
Creo en ti
Never Say Goodbye
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
See You In Heaven
Dime, dime
Uno para el otro
Santo Dios
El capitan
Tu Amor
Todos vamos ya
Toma tu cruz
Que el mundo de su gloria llene
Dulce misterio
Bottle Rocket
This old man
04 - I Found Love
Una tonta realidad
Endless Summer
Loco debo estar
Power Of Love
Lead The Way
Tu nombre alabo hoy
08 - Curiosity Killed the Cat
02 - Shoeshine Johnny
05 - Sweet Mystery
Do you know what love is
Psychedelic Runaway
Fire And Love
What Does It Take
No compitas por su amor
The Rain
Si a mi lado tu estas
Forever And A Day
Sabes que es amor
Babble On
I'll Never Leave You
Time And Time Again
Eres Dios
06 - Let it Roll
Time Stands Still
Si perdiera el camino
10 - The Captain
Takin' On The World
Are We Feeling Comfortable Yet
C'mon Everyone
03 - Long Way Home
09 - Sister Wisdom
Un dia
The Way Home Back
Se mi guia
Send A Message
Like The Sun
Let The Whole World
Your Love
Still On My Mind
My Queen Esther
Harder Than It Seems
Ya no llores mas
07 - Mr. Do Wrong
Dr. jones &the kings of rhythm
State Of Mine
Como podria hacerte ver
Blue Light Special
Don't Say That It's Over
Preacher And The Bear
11 - You and I
Mystery Man
You Won't be Lonely
01 - Dr Jones and the Kings of Rhythm
Coffee Can
Marching On
One of a Kind
Them Nails
Fear The Auctioneer
The Water Is Fine
Going On!
Take Up Your Cross
Queen Esther (Mellow mix)
Harder that it seems
Are You Gonna Keep Your Word