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All the lyrics of Haggard:

De La Morte Noire
Heavenly Damnation
Herr Mannelig
Cantus Firmus in a Minor
Awaking the centuries
Per Aspera Ad Astra
Requiem in D Minor
Eppur Si Muove
The Observer
Of A Might Divine
The Final Victory
In a Fullmoon Procession
Hijo De La Luna
The Origin
All'inizio È La Morte
Lost (robin's Song)
Chapter III-Awaking The Centuries
From Deep Within
The Day As Heaven Wept
Chapter I: Heavenly Damnation
In A Pale Moon's Shadow
Larghetto / Epilogo adagio
On These Endless Fields
Intro: Pestilencia
Vor Dem Sturme
Origin of a Crystal Soul
Chapter I - Tales of Ithiria
Tales Of Ithiria
Chapter II - Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves
Chapter I: The Day As Heaven Wept
In Des Konigs Hallen (Allegretto Siciliano)
Chapter III - La Terra Santa
Outro_ A Midnight Gathering
Chapter V - The Hidden Sign
Chapter IV - The Sleeping Child
Menuetto In Fa-Minore
Charity Absurd
Chapter V: Lost (robin's Song)
La Terra Santa
Chapter Ii: Origin Of A Crystal Soul
Chapter Iv: De La Morte Noire
The sleeping child
A Midnight Gathering (Outro)
Gavotta In Si-Minore
Chapter II: The Final Victory
Chapter III - In A Pale Moon's Shadow
Mind Mutilation
The Hidden Sign
Upon fallen autumn leaves
final victory
Daddy Was Her First Man
Statement Zur Lage Der Musica
Saltorella La Manuelina
All´inizio è La Morte
Chapter 3: Awaking the Centuries
Largetto / Epilogo Adagio
Origin Of A Chrystal Soul
Mediaeval Part
Prophecy Fullfilled
Prophecy Fulfilled & And The Dark Night Entered
And The Dark Night Entered
Awakening The Centuries
Chapter IV - De La Morte Noir
Lost Robin's Song
Chapter Iv
In a full moon Procesion
Awaking Centuries
de la morte notre
Herr Mannelig.mp3
Prophecy Fulfilled The Dark
Haggard - Chapter III-Awaking The Centuries
to a fullmoon precision
Per Aspera Ad Astra.mp3
ALL 'inizo ê La Morte
Menuetto In Fa Minore.mp3
Statment zur Lage der Musica
All inizio La Morte.mp3
Chapter III - Statement Zur Lage Der Musica
Chapter IV - In A Fullmoon Procession
Chapter V - (Part I) Prophecy Fullfiled; (Part II) And The Dark Night Entered
Chapter V: (Part I) Prophecy Fullfilled, (Part II)
chapter I-heavenly damination
Chapter 4: In a Fúllmoon Procession