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All the lyrics of Handel:

Hallelujah Chorus
Messiah - 18 Rejoice Greatly
Messiah - 44 Hallelujah
Let God arise
Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah
Lascia chi`o pianga from Rinaldo
Messiah - 12 For Unto Us A Child Is Born
The Lord is my light and my salvation
Alway Anthem - 4 God is very greatly to be feared
Messiah - 46 Since by man came death
Messiah - 20 He Shall Feed His Flock
Tamerlano - Forte e lieto
Tra Le Fiamme - 1 Tra Le Fiamme Tu Scherzi
Samson - 86 Let the Bright Seraphim
New Song Anthem - 4 The waves of the sea rage horribly
Messiah - 48 The trumpet shall sound
APM 2 - 12 These delights if thou canst give
New Song Anthem - 7 Let the heav'ns rejoice
Messiah - Why Do The Nations
APM 1 - 20 Let me wander not unseen
Solomon - 23 From the censer curling rise
Straight mine eye hath caught new pleasures
APM 3 - 7 As steals the morn
APM 2 - 3 But O, sad virgin, that thy pow'r
Qui l'augel da pianta in pianta
Solomon - 14 Welcome as the dawn of day
Praise Anthem - 3 For this out truest int'rest is
Delirio Amoroso - Per Te Lasciai La Luce
Messiah - 45 I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
APM 3 - 4 Come, with gentle hand restrain
Delirio Amoroso - 10-12 In Queste Amene Piagge Serene
My Trust Anthem - 3 God is a constant sure defense
APM 1 - 9 Come, but keep thy wonted state
Praise Anthem - 1 O praise the Lord with one consent
As pants the hart for cooling streams
May at last my weary age
Messiah - 43 Thou shalt break them
Solomon - When the sun o'er yonder hills
APM 2 - 15 May at last my weary age
Sing ye to the Lord
As steals the morn
Messiah - 34 Unto which of the angels
Israel in Egypt - Thou shalt bring them in
Israel in Egypt - He spake the word
Messiah - 24 Surely He hath borne our griefs
Messiah - 03 Every Valley Shall Be Exalted
Messiah - 06 But Who May Abide
Messiah - 27 All they that see Him
Messiah - 29 Thy rebuke hath broken His heart
Messiah - 36 Thou art gone up on high
Messiah - 05 Thus Saith The Lord
Israel in Egypt - The Lord is a man of war
Messiah - 09 O thou that tellest good tidings
Delirio amoroso - 03 Un pensiero voli in ciel
Messiah - 23 His Yoke is Easy
Solomon - 38 See the tall palm
Messiah - 11 The People That Walked In Darkness
Messiah - 25 And with His stripes
Magnify Anthem - 6 The Lord is righteous in all his ways
APM 1 - 8 Come, pensive nun, devout and pure
Solomon - 06 Imperial Solomon
Tears are my daily food
Israel in Egypt - When the ear heard him
Arise Anthem - 6 Praised be the Lord!
Theodora - 47 Sweet rose and lily
Saul - 81 Brave Jonathan
Chandos Anthem 10 - 7 The Lord is my strength
Jephtha - Up the Dreadful Steep Ascending
Have mercy upon me, O God
Let Us Sing Anthem - 8 For look, as high as the heaven is
My Trust Anthem - 5 But God, who hears the suff'ring pow'r
Solomon - 31 Thy sentence, great king
Israel in Egypt - The people will tell of their wisdom
Un Pensiero Voli In Ciel
Penseroso - 3 But O, sad virgin, that thy pow'r
Jephtha - 50 Waft her, angels
Voli Per L'aria Chi Puo Volare
Serse - Se bramate d'amar
Serse - 1.1b Ombra mai fu
Sometimes let gorgeous tragedy
APM 1 - 7 Come and trip it as you go
Solomon - 05 Almighty Pow'r
La Lucretia - 2 Gia superbo del mio affanno
Magnify Anthem - 5 The Lord preserveth all them that love him
Belshazzar - 19 Oh sacred oracles of Truth
APM 2 - 8 Hide me from Day's garish eye
Theodora - 14 O bright example of all goodness!
APM 1 - 2 Hence, loathed Melancholy
Laudate pueri (psalm 112) - 3 A solis ortu usque ad occasum
Laudate pueri (psalm 112) - 8 Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto
Laudate pueri (psalm 112) - 5 Quis sicut Dominus
Coelestis dum spirat aura - 5 Tam patrono singulari
Salve Regina - 2 Eja ergo advocata nostra
Coelestis dum spirat aura - 2 Coelestis dum spirat aura
Coelestis dum spirat aura - 3 Felix dies, praeclara, serena
Salve Regina - 3 O clemens, o pia
O qualis de caelo sonus - 5 Gaude, tellus benigna
Mi palpita il cor - 1 Mi palpita il cor
Eternal source of light divine