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All the lyrics of Immortal Technique:

Dance With The Devil
The Point Of No Return
Harlem Streets
Freedom of Speech
Peruvian Cocaine
Industrial Revolution
Internally Bleeding
The cause of death
Young Lords
The 4th Branch
Crossing The Boundary
You Never Know
Leaving The Past
The Prophecy
The Poverty of Philosophy
Dominant Species
No mercy
Caught In A Hustle
Bin Laden (Remix)
The 3rd World
The Martyr
the rebel
The Message and the Money
Speak Your Mind
Death March
Creation &Destruction
Toast to the Dead
That's What It Is
Harlem Renaissance
No Me Importa
Golpe De Estado
Rich Mans World
Creation And Destruction
The Illest
Positive Balance
Burn This
Hollywood Driveby
Open Your Eyes
09 Natural Beauty
Civil War
Reverse Pimpology
Truth's Razors
Beef And Broccoli
Land of the Gun
Ultimas Palabras
Goonies Never Die
Black Vikings
Angels & Demons
Point of No Return
Mark Of The Beast
One (Remix)
Crimes Of The Heart
Sign Of The Times
Sierra Maestra
The Message &The Money
Eyes In the Sky
Lick Shot (feat. Crooked I & Chino XL)
Angel Of Death
Beef &Broccoli
Understand Why
Homeland and Hiphop F. Mumia J
Top Of The Food Chain
Stronghold Grip
Dancing With The Devil 2008
Fuck You
Homeland and Hip Hop
Revolutionary Intro
Fight Until the End
Cause Of Death
Black Out Special
Crossing the Border
Underground Railroad Freestyle
Hidden Track
Street Hustle
Eyes in the Sky Ft. Mojo of Dujeous
You never know ft. Jean Grae
Young Lords Ft. Joell Ortiz, CF, and Pumpkinhead
Rebel Arms
Immortal Technique Ft Da Circle J Arch Rebel Arms
Point of Now Return