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All the lyrics of Immortal:

One By One
Sons Of Northern Darkness
Withstand The Fall Of Time
All Shall Fall
Battles In The North
Within The Dark Mind
Beyond The North Waves
In My Kingdom Cold
Blashyrkh (mighty Ravendark) (video)
The Sun No Longer Rises
At The Heart Of Winter
Damned In Black
Unholy Forces Of Evil
Tragedies Blows At Horizon
Years Of Silent Sorrow
Wrath From Above
Where Dark And Light Don't Differ
The Rise Of Darkness
Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss
My Dimension
Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms
The Call Of The Wintermoon
Pure Holocaust
Norden On Fire
Frozen By Icewinds
A Sign For The Norse Hordes To Ride
Against The Tide (In The Arctic World)
Arctic Swarm
Mountains Of Might
Blizzard Beasts
The Darkness That Embrace Me
Unearthly Kingdom
Hordes To War
At The Stormy Gates Of Mist
As The Eternity Opens
Throned By Blackstorms
Moonrise Fields Of Sorrow
Descent Into Eminent Silence
Cryptic Winterstorms
Through The Halls Of Eternity
In Our Mystic Visions Blest
Storming Through Red Clouds And Holocaust Winds
Blacker Than Darkness
Mount North
Suns That Sank Below
Nebular Ravens Winter
Cursed Realms of the Winter Demons
Eternal Years On The Path To The Cemetary Gates
Cold Winds Of Funeral Dust
Circling Above In Time Before Time
Winter Of The Ages
A Perfect Vision Of The Rising Northland
Hordes Of War
From the Dark Past
Cursed Realm Of The Winter Demons
Tragedies Blow At Horizon
To Walk the Infernal Fields
Sun No Longer Rises
The Rasmus
A Devouring Rose
This Blue Day
Eternal Years on the Path to the Cemetery Gates
Through the house of eternity
The Tongue Of Pain
Cursed Realms of Winter Demons
Unsilent Storm In The North Abyss
Blacken Than Darkness
Grim and Frostbitten King
Eternal Years On The Path To The Cemetary
Descent into Eminent Silent