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All the lyrics of Incognito:

Still A Friend of Mine
Don't you worry 'bout a thing
Always There
Deep waters
A shade of blue
Talkin' loud
Chase The Clouds Away
goodbye to yesterday
Don't You Worry About A Thing
Nights Over Egypt
Where do we go from here
Listen to the Music
Spellbound and speechless
Givin' it up
Still A Friend On Mine
Smiling Faces
I hear your name
Pieces of a dream
Beneath the surface
When the Sun Comes Down
Don't Turn My Love Away
Out of the storm
Get Into My Groove
Stay Mine
Good love
I've Been Waiting
The Less You Know
Can't get you out of my head
This Thing Called Love
Step Aside
Where did we go wrong
Morning Sun
Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Do right
Don't Wanna Know
Wild and Peaceful
Release yourself
Centre Of The Sun
Keep the fires burning
It Ain't Easy
Above The Night
Step into my life
I love what you do for me
Everything Your Heart Desires
Labour of love
As Long As It's You
Love, Joy, Understanding
More Of Myself
Stone Cold Heart
One hundred and rising
Close My Eyes
Where love shines
I Can See The Future
River in my dreams
True to Myself
There Will Come A Day
Autumn Song
Bring You Down
Too far gone
Deep water
Thoughtful Fantasies
Without you
Time has come
Who Needs Love
Jacob's Ladder
We Got Music
Cut It Loose
Reach Out
Fences and Barriers
Mr. Jones
Hold on to me
Fountain of life
Inside life
When Words Are Just Words
Skin On My Skin
Living against the river
Can you feel me
Promise you the moon
Happy People
I Remember a Time
Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing
Night Over Egypt
Your Sun My Sky
Wild &Peaceful
Did we really ever try
The Principles Of Love
Tin Man
The Smile Of A Child