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All the lyrics of Jane Siberry:

It Can't Rain All The Time
Calling All Angels
Hotel Room 417
The Valley
Love Is Everything
Mary Had...
Map Of The World (Part I)
Caravan (Alternate Version)
Mimi On The Beach
Lovin' Cup
One More Colour
Follow Me
Red High Heels
Valley Of The Dolls
Marco Polo
Sail Across The Water
All The Candles In The World
Miss Punta Blanca
Last Word
Bound By The Beauty
An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around)
First Word
O Holy Night
Mary's Lullaby
I Will Survive
The Gospel According To Darkness
The Walking (And Constantly)
The Life Is The Red Wagon
The Water Is Wide
This Girl I Know
Sweet Incarnadine
The Waitress
You Don't Need
I Muse Aloud
At The Beginning Of Time
The Taxi Ride
All Through The Night
The Lobby
As I Roved Out
Seven Steps To The Wall
Streets Of Laredo
Slow Tango
Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog
Wildwood Carol
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
When Spring Comes
The Vigil (The Sea)
In The Bleak Mid-Winter
Something About Trains
Would You Go
Shir Amami
Dancing Class
Are We Dancing Now
Ol' Man River
What Child Is This
Are You Burning, Little Candle?
The White Tent The Raft
Jacob's Ladder
You Say I Say
The Squirrel Crossed The Road
Oh My My
Half Angel Half Eagle
La Jalouse
In The Blue Light
Extra Executives
Honey Bee
Vladimir Vladimir
Symmetry (The Way Things Have To Be)
The Bird In The Gravel
Above The Treeline
The Very Large Hat
Mein Bitte
Ingrid And The Footman
Lena Is A White Table
Adam And Eve
See the child
The Mystery At Ogwen's Farm
False False Fly
Song To My Father
Goin' Down The River
Broken Birds
We Should Be There By Morning
Oh My Sister
The Long Pirouette
Freedom Is Gold
Viking Heart
The Empty City
Let's Not Talk Now
The Strange Well
Barkis Is Willin'
The Sky Is So Blue
You Will Be Born
Writers Are A Funny Breed