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All the lyrics of John Hiatt:

Have a little faith in me
Memphis in the Meantime
Tip- of my tongue
perfectly good guitar
I'll Never Get Over You
Drive south
Cry Love
Thing Called Love
Slow Turning
Tennessee Plates
Lipstick sunset
Alone in the dark
Master Of Disaster
Stolen moments
Buffalo River Home
When You Hold Me Tight
Stood up
Your dad did
Learning How to Love You
Back of my mind
Crossing Muddy Waters
Something Wild
Georgia Rae
Child of the wild blue yonder
We're Alright Now
Icy Blue Heart
Bring back your love to me
Paper thin
Sometime Other Than Now
Love You Again
Adios To California
Straight Outta Time
Death By Misadventure
Lift Up Every Stone
Lincoln Town
Real Fine Love
It'll come to you
Howlin' Down The Cumberland
Ride Along
Little Head
My Old Friend
Everybody Went Low
Trudy and dave
What Do We Do Now?
Is Anybody There?
The Open Road
Loving A Hurricane
Take It Back
She Said The Same Things To Me
Take Off Your Uniform
Thank You Girl
Wintertime Blues
Same Old Man
Ain't Ever Goin' Back
Riding With The King
The Wreck of The Barbie Ferrari
Damn This Town
Cherry Red
Radio Girl
Old Days
When My Love Crosses Over
Love In Flames
Your Love Is My Rest
Take It Down
Love's Not Where We Thought We Left It
What Kind Of Man
Through Your Hands
The Way We Make a Broken Heart
Before I Go
Wrote It Down And Burned It
Find You At Last
Slug Line
What Love Can Do
Dust Down a Country Road
The Tiki Bar Is Open
Only The Song Survives
Carry You Back Home
Mr. Stanley
Old School
Listening to old voices
Feelin' Again
I Can't Wait
Bite Marks
You Used to Kiss The Girls
Maybe Baby, Say You Do
Cross My Fingers
Angel Eyes
Hurt My Baby
All The Lilacs In Ohio
Far As We Go
Back On The Corner
It All Comes Back Someday
I Just Don't Know What To Say
Blue Telescope