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All the lyrics of Johnny Winter:

Highway 61 Revisited
Johnny B. Goode
Mean Town Blues
Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo
Be Careful With A Fool
Illustrated Man
Jumpin' Jack Flash
I'm Yours and I'm Hers
Johnny Guitar
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Life Is Hard
Rock Me Baby
Memory Pain
Rollin' And Tumblin'
It's My Own Fault
Leland Mississippi Blues
Bony Moronie
Mean Mistreater
Shame Shame Shame
Hustled Down In Texas
Cheap Tequila
It's My Life, Baby
Last Night
I'll Drown In My Tears
Gangster Of Love
Don't Take Advantage Of Me
Help Me
Mojo Boogie
Slippin' And Slidin'
It's All Over Now (live)
Bad Luck And Trouble
Guess I'll Go Away
Tired of Tryin
I Love Everybody
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Tribute To Muddy
I'm Not Sure
Miss Ann
Let The Music Play
Third Degree
Prodigal Son
still alive and well
The Good Love
Bad Girl Blues
Messin' With The Kid
I Smell Trouble
Fast Life Rider
One Step At A Time
Come On In My Kitchen
Ain't Nothing to Me
If You Got a Good Woman
i smell smoke
On the Limb
Rock & Roll People
Everybody's Blues
Back Door Friend
Rock &Roll
Mad Dog
I Hate Everybody
Still Alive &Well
No Time To Live
When You Got a Good Friend
Lone Wolf
Parchman Farm
Walking By Myself
Im Good
My Soul
Trick Bag
Can't You Feel It
Lights out
Rock & Roll Medley
Sound The Bell
Love, Life And Money
Roll With Me
Divin' Duck
Kind Hearted Woman
Ain't That a Kindness
Honest I Do
Avocado Green
Sweet Love And Evil Women
Shake Your Moneymaker
Bladie Mae
I Got Love If You Want It
All Tore Down
Murdering Blues
Riot In Cell Block #9
T-Bone Shuffle
Mother-In-Law Blues
Out Of Sight
Stranger Blues
Leavin' Blues
Going Down Slow
Hurtin' So Bad
Feedback On Highway 101
Nothing Left
Walking Thru The Park
No More Doggin'
Raised on Rock