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All the lyrics of Jojo:

too little, too late
Leave (Get Out)
Beautiful Girls
Baby It's You
How To Touch A Girl
Forever in my life
coming for you
this time
Let It Rain
Leave Get Out
beautiful girl
Beautiful Girls Reply
Never Say Goodbye
Secret Love
Like that
Not That Kinda Girl
The way you do me
Keep Forgetting (To Forget About You)
the high road
note to god
Good Ol'
Too Little To Late
fly away
Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)
The Other Chick
Fairy Tales
The Happy Song
Wrong Man For The Job
In The Dark
Yes or No
Keep On Keepin' On
Paper Airplanes
All My Life
safe with me
Can't Take That Away From Me
I Hate Love
Use My Shoulder
I Can Take You There
Do Whatcha Gotta Do
City Lights
When Does It Go Away
When Love Hurts
High Road
Get Out
25 To Life
Too Litle Too Late
Just A Dream
Cant believe it
Hollywood (Corregida)
Sexy To Me
Running On Empty
How You Did It
Pretty Please
Say Love
Boy Without A Heart
All I Want Is Everything
Why Didn't You Call
My Time Is Money
Save My Soul
Last Heart Standing
Touching Me
Not that Kind of Girl
Losing Control
Back Words
What You Like
Cold Blooded
You Take me (around the world)
Beautiful Distraction
Get It Poppin'
Back and Forth
Beautiful Girls.mp3
Thinking Out Loud
Never Wanna Say Goodbye
i wanna know what turns you on
Impossible To Love
Do Me Like That
Acepto que no puedes volver
Jumping Trains
Happy Song
Miss My Flight
We Get By
Something In The Water
Acepto Que No Puedas Volver
Baby It's You (Remix) ft. Bow Wow
So Sick