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All the lyrics of Jose Mari Chan:

beautiful girl
beautifull girl
Please Be Careful With My Heart
Christmas in our Hearts
A Perfect Christmas
A Love To Last A Lifetime
My girl, my woman, my friend
Afraid For Love To Fade
Constant Change
Do you hear what i hear
Tell Me Your Name
Christmas in our heart
First Romance
Mary's Boy Child
A Wish On Christmas Night
Deep In My Heart
Can't We Start Over Again
Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile
When A Child Is Born
The Sound Of Life
Little Christmas Tree
Here And Now
Give Me Your Heart For Christmas
A Christmas Carol
This Beautiful Day
It Is The Lord!
Christmas Children
The Lord's Prayer
Count Your Blessings (Instead Of Sheep)
May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
Love At Thirty Thousand Feet
I Have Fallen In Love (With The Same Woman Three Times)
Thank You, Love
Leave You
No Rewind, No Replay
Mr. Songwriter
Big, Beautiful Country
Counterpoint to Lennon & Mccartney's Here, There, & Everywhere
Good Old Fashioned Romance
So I'll Go
A Heart's Journey
September In The Rain
Stay, My Love
Be Gentle
Too Beautiful To Last
Walking In The Moonlight
Sing Me A Song Again Daddy
My Foolish Heart
Easier Said Than Done
I Have Found My World In You
Christmas Past
Empty Space
Anywhere The Heart Goes
Love Letters
The Way I Feel For You
After Glow.Mp3
A Phone Call
The Best Of Friends
Moment To Moment
If We Only Had More Time Together
Moonlight Serenade
Night Time
Part Of Your Life
A Day In The Life Of A Song
Love Lost
It's Not For Me To Say
How Do You Fall In Love
Please Don't Just Say Maybe
There's No Getting Over You
So In Love
I Just Want To Dance With You
You and I
Here Am I
Windmills Of Your Mind
High And Mighty
Thank You
Seventh Dawn
I'll Walk Alone
Just In Case You Change Your Mind
Give Me The Old Big Band Anytime
Like Night And Day
I Talk To The Trees
Yellow Days
no rewinding no replay
Hurry Back
A World Within Another World
Lover's Quarrel
One Day (Someday Soon)
When Love Is Young
Look To Your Heart
Victim Of People
Strange And Funny
That's What It Took
Walk On Girl