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All the lyrics of Kim Jong Kook:

Men Are All Like That
One Man
today more than yesterday
Words i want to say to you
Sarang surowo
Saying I Love You
Come Back To Me (Feat.Gary)
Don't Be Good To Me
How Come You Don't Know?
Men Also Feel Sad (Feat. 마이티마우스)
Happy Virus
Can't Forget
너에게 하고 싶은 말
Star, Wind, Sunshine, and Love
This Is The Person
Thank You
잘해 주지 마요 (Don't Be Good to Me)
Nostalgia (Feat. 마이키)
My Heart Is Love
남자가 다 그렇지 뭐
you know everything
Thousands of footprints
You Should Be Happy (Han)
han namja
Thinking of you
Star, Wind, Sunlight And Love
Don't Leave Me
So Pretty
남자도 슬프다 (feat. 마이티마우스)
What I Want To Say To You
니가 생각나
this is me
천 개의 발자국
Good Bye
너무 예뻤어
Was So Pretty
Can't Get Better Than This
끝이 아닌 이야기
I Saramida
To Her Man
Star, Wind, Sun and Love
you're loveable
Forever(feat. Mighty Mouth)
I'll Forget, I'll Erase
All For You
그녀를 알아요
Story That Is Not The End
이별의 정석
Pyunji (Letter)
Here I Am
Thousand of Footprints
Intoxication (english Lyrics)
Man are like that
I Can't Forget
The Story That Is Not The End
Forgives and Remembers
First Love
Men Also Sad (feat. Mighty Mount)
I Know Everything
다시 내게로 돌아와 (Feat. 개리) [English]
Only one day
Failing Love
Tear Marks (Acoustic)
Haengbok Pyeong
To My Friend
I'm a Fool
Words I Can Say To You (feat. Ha Ha & Gary)
Sarang Surowa Loveable
The Proper Place Walking
Man Feel Sad Too
The Story That Is Not End
Words I Want Say To You
너에게 하고 싶은 (Words I Want To Say To You) (Feat. HaHa & Gary)
Very Beautiful
Story That hasn't Ended
Words I Want to Talk to You (feat Haha & Gary)
What I Want To Say To You - Eng
남자도 슬프 (Men Also Feel Sad) (Feat. Mighty Mouth)
I Don't Know
Idiot (바보야)
All For You (with Mikey) 김종국
바보야 (Fool)
fool_ Idiot
Fool (바보야) [Eng Trans]