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All the lyrics of Lobo:

How Can I Tell Her
Id love you to want me
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
How Can I Tell Her About You
Dont Expect Me To Be Your Friend
Don't Tell Me Goodnight
A Simple Man
Love Me For What I Am
It Sure Took A Long, Long Time
Dream Lover
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
There Ain't No Way
I love you to want me
im the only one
Rock And Roll Days
The End of the World
Goodbye Is Just Another Word
She Didn't Do Magic
Standing at the end of the line
A Big Red Kite
California Kid and Reemo
Let It Be Me
The Caribbean Disco Show
Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love
My First Time
Me &You &A Dog Named Boo
Whispers In The Wind
Would I Still Have You
You're All I Ever Need
All for The Love of a Girl
I´d Love You To Want Me
Juego Mental
I'd Love You Want Me
A Little Different
asian moon
reason to believe
No Secrets
Daydream Believer
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
A Day In The Life Of A Love
Baby, I Love You To Want Me
I Don't Wanna Make Love Anymore
one and the same thing
The Way I Came In
I'll Come Back To You
I'd Love You To Love Me
Love is blue
I Don't Want To Want You
Am I Going Crazy
Tears On My Pillow
We'll Be One By Two Today
Another Hill To Climb
Yellow river
It's All In The Game
Me And You Anh Dog Named Boo
California Kid And Remo
That Shows You What I Know
Something To See Me Through
Simple Man
A Cowboy Afraid Of Horses
Running Deer
I Long To See My Home
A Day in the Life of Love
The Carribean Disco Show
Universal Soldier
Gus the Dancing Dog
Lobo I'd Love You Want Me
Twilight Time
Reaching Out For Someone
Gypsy And The Midnight Ghost
Love To You Taiwan
Wonderful Wonderful
Teach Me Tonight
Pee-ro Juan Valdez Sam Quixote
Thinking Of You
As Time Goes By
Now I Know How It Feels
your all i'll ever need
Different Drum
I'd Love you You to Want Me
One More Time
Standing At The End of Line
P.S. I Love You
You Are All I Ever Need
Shelter From The Storm
Lobo's Gospel Show
I'm Gonna Loose You
Here You Are