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All the lyrics of Loudness:

So Lonely (Japanese version)
Soldier Of Fortune
Heavy Chains
Crazy Night
Like Hell
Crazy Nights
Crazy Doctor
25 Days From Home
Let It Go
Run For Your Life
Danger Of Love
Lost Without Your Love
Ares Lament
In The Mirror
Never Again
Never Change Your Mind
Twenty-Five Days
You Shook Me
Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy
Red Light Shooter
We Could Be Together
Clockwork Toy
Demon disease
Get Away
Dream Fantasy
Ashes in the sky
Running For Cover
Find A Way
This Lonely Heart
No Way Out
Faces In The Fire
Milky Way (Japanese Version)
The Lines Are Down
Long After Midnight
Rock This Way
In My Dreams
Long Distance
Black Star Oblivion
Down N' Dirty
I Wish You Were Here
Who Knows
Sexy Woman
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Black Widow
The Eternal Soldiers
Dark Desire
Gotta Fight
Rock Shock (More and More)
1000 Eyes
Love Toys
Open your Eyes
Hungry Hunter
To Be Demon
Strike Of The Sword
Face To Face
Playin' Games
Take It Or Leave It
I'm on Fire
Angel Dust
Dreamer and Screamer
Shadows of War
High Try
Long Distance Love
Lonely Player
Exploder (instrumental)
Pray For The Dead
Sleepless Night
Mr. Yes Man
Deadly Player
In This World Beyond
Metal Mad
Black Wall
After Illusion
Show Me The Way
Crazy Samurai
Waking The Dead
Street Woman
Devil Soldier
One Thousand Eyes
Racing The Wind
Bad News
Slaughter House
Burning Love
Street Life Dream
Runaway From Yesterday
Love Kills
Loving Maid
Everyone Lies