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All the lyrics of MXPX:

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
You walk, i run
Scooby Doo
Barbie Girl(punk cover)
Wrecking Hotel Rooms
Secret Weapon
Chick Magnet
Punk Rawk Show
Quit Your Life
Heard That Sound
Sweet sweet thing (acoustic demo)
Everything Sucks
Running Out Of Time
Grey Skies Turn Blue
My Life Story
Take On Me
Play it Loud
Where Did You Go
Don't Forget Me (When You're Gone)
1 And 3
Summer Of 69
Breathe Deep
Last Train (Acoustic Demo)
Doing Time
Do Your Feet Hurt
shut it down
Move To Bremerton
I'm OK, You're OK
First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives
You're On Fire
Broken Hearted
Every Light
Here's To The Life
You Make Me, Me
First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
Sad Sad Song
Hot And Cold
Slow Ride
the darkest places
Teenage Politics
Late Again
Young And Depressed
Today Is In My Way
Party My House, Be There
Want Ad
Tomorrow's Another Day
You're Not Alone
Bass So Low
Punk Rock Girl
Never Better Than Now
Without You
Punk Rawk Celebrity
Top Of The Charts
Lonesome Town
South Bound
Buildings Tumble
Emotional Anarchist
Well Adjusted
Cold Streets
More Everything
My Mom Still Cleans My Room
Let It Happen
The Story
Biting The Bullet
Sorry So Sorry
Don't Walk Away
The Next Big Thing
It's Alright
Waiting For The World To End
Call In Sick
Invitation To Understanding
Cold and All Alone
Kings of Hollywood
Christmas Day
Here With Me
Two Whole Years
KKK Took My Baby Away
On The Outs
New York To Nowhere
Under Lock And Key
Prove It To The World
The Wonder Years
Kicking And Screaming
Educated Guess
This Weekend
Sometimes you have to ask yourself
Blue Moon
Rock And Roll Girl
Get Me Out
Not Nothing