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All the lyrics of Magnum:

When The World Comes Down
Lonely Night
How Far Jerusalem
Kingdom Of Madness
Start Talking Love
Days Of No Trust
On a Storytellers Night
Just Like An Arrow
Soldier Of The Line
The Spirit
Sacred Hour
Only A Memory
Don't Wake The Lion (Too Old To Die Young)
It Must Have Been Love
Need A Lot Of Love
Dream About You
Before First Light
The Prize
Rockin Chair
All England's Eyes
In The Beginning
The Last Dance
The Teacher
Two Hearts
The Lights Burned Out
Endless Love
Wild Swan
Les Morts Dansant
On The Edge Of The World
What Kind Of Love Is This
Midnight (You Won't Be Sleeping)
Back To Earth
Foolish Heart
Back Street Kid
Sometime Love
Black Skies
Pray For The Day
Doors To Nowhere
One Step Away
Different Worlds
Baby Rock Me
Steal Your Heart
Walking The Straight Line
All Of My Life
The Moon King
The Visitation
If I Could Live Forever
One Night Of Passion
Red On The Highway
Wild Angels
The Battle
So Far Away
The Flood
Vicious Companions
We All Play The Game
Hold Back Your Love
All Come Together
Like Brothers We Stand
Stormy Weather
Freedom Day
Cry For You
The Word
Holy Rider
Lords Of Chaos
All That Is Real
Hit And Run
The Bringer
Reckless Man
No One Knows His Name
Spin Like A Wheel
Mother Nature's Final Dance
That Holy Touch
Midnight Kings
So Cold The Night
Road To Paradise
Long Days, Black Nights
Matter Of Survival
Inside Your Head
Tonight's The Night
We All Run
Blood On Your Barbed Wire Thorns
Maaf Aku Cemburu
The Last Frontier
Breath Of Life
The Great Disaster
Only In America
Born To Be King
Let Somebody In
Stayin' Alive
You're The One