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All the lyrics of Marc Almond:

Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
Tears Run Rings
A Lover Spurned {lover's speech added}
The Days Of Pearly Spencer
Somethings Gotten Hold of My
I'm Coming
Something gotten hold of my heart
The Stars We Are
Tainted Love
Come Out
Child Star
Bitter Sweet
The Hustler
Almost Diamonds
She Took My Soul In Istanbul
The Sensualist
Only The Moment
Waifs And Strays
In Your Bed
Love Letter
If You Go Away
These My Dreams Are Yours
Lost Paradise
Stories Of Johnny
Your Kisses Burn
Beautiful Brutal Thing
The House Is Haunted
Mother Fist
The Desperate Hours
Ruby Red
The Very Last Pearl
The Idol
My Hand Over My Heart
Melancholy Rose
Adored And Explored
Out There
Kept Boy
Beautiful Losers
You Have
A Woman's Story
Looking For Love (in All The Wrong Places)
Yesterday When I Was Young
The Boy Who Came Back
Shining Brightly
There Is A Bed
I've Never Seen Your Face
Vaudeville And Burlesque
If You Need
Tenderness Is A Weakness
Undress Me
The Devil (okay)
Strangers In The Night
Traumas, Traumas, Traumas
Fun City
Litany For A Return
We Need Jealousy
Heart On Snow
Meet Me In My Dreams
Mr. Sad
Midnight Soul
Threat Of Love
The Heel
For One Moment
The Flesh Is Willing
My Candle Burns
Song For You
My Love
Bedroom Shrine
The Bulls
The Plague
My Death
Night And Dark
Open All Night
Everything I Wanted Love To Be
Baby Night Eyes
Black Kiss
The River
On The Prowl
So Long The Path (So Wide The Field)
Just Good Friends
Born To Cry
I Who Never
Love And Little White Lies
The Edge Of Heartbreak
We Must Look
A Man
Never To Be Next
Bad People Kiss