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All the lyrics of Marianne Faithfull:

The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
As Tears Go By
Broken English
So Sad
Working Class Hero
This Little Bird
Sister Morphine
Summer Nights
Witches' Song
Come And Stay With Me
What's the Hurry
Why'd Ya Do It
Strange weather
Something Better
Brain Drain
Who will take my dreams away ?
Times square
Go Away from My World
The Mystery of Love
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
The Pleasure Song
Crazy Love
There Is A Ghost
Come My Way (Version 1)
Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
Tomorrow's Calling
Down From Dover
Scarborough Fair
Kissin Time (f/Blur)
Last Song
Love in the Afternoon
Bored By Dreams
My Friends Have
Sex With Strangers
Falling from Grace
Vagabond Ways
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
In My Time Of Sorrow
Song For Nico
The Crane Wife
Truth, Bitter Truth
Children Of Stone
Dreamin' My Dreams
Flaming September
Monday Monday
The Last Thing on My Mind
A Stranger On Earth
In Germany Before The War
Why Did We Have To Part
No Child Of Mine
Blazing Away
Hello Stranger
What Have They Done To The Rain
Because The Night
The Stars Line Up
If I Never Get To Love You
Is This What I Get for Loving You
The Wedding
A Waste Of Time
File it under Fun from the Past
Before The Poison
Mary Ann
Reason To Believe
That's How Every Empire Falls
Sad lisa
Fare Thee Well
Lady Madelaine
Gloomy Sunday
Love Song
Goin' Back
In The Factory
Portland Town
Horses And High Heels
City Of Quartz
The Stations
Tower of Song
Come &Stay With Me
Time Takes Time
The Blue Millionaire
Mud Slide Slim
For Beauty's Sake
Back In Baby's Arms
Down Town
Green Are Your Eyes
Love Money (Marianne Faithfull David Courts)
Four Strong Winds
Vanilla O'lay
Wherever I Go