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All the lyrics of Master P:

Act a Fool
Kenny's Dead
Ain't Nothing Changed
shut it down
Rock It
Them Jeans
I Need Dubs
i miss my homies
I Got the Hook Up!
Make 'Em Say Ugh!
Make Em' Say Uhh!
Dem Jeans
Mr. Ice Cream Man
Real Love
Pass Me Da Green
Bout It, Bout It 2
I Don't
Goodbye to my Homies
Let's Get 'Em
Ghetto D
Bout Dat
A Woman
Thug Girl
Gangsta Bitch
Stop Hatin
Da Last Don
The Block
Back Up Off Me
Plan B
Anything Goes
Tell 'Em
Throw Em Up
1-900 Master P
Always Come Back To You
Take it Outside
Gangstas Need Love
Captain Kirk
We Riders
If I Could Change
Get Your Paper
Shake What Ya Got
Playa 4 Life
Dear Mr. President
R.I.P Tupac
Commercial (Young Guns)
respect my game
More 2 Life
Ghetto Love
After Dollars No Cents
Why They Wanna Wish Death
Let's Ride (Radio Edit)
Locked Up
Only God Can Judge Me
Hot Boys and Girls
Soldiers, Riders and G's
War Wounds
Only Time Will Tell
Ghetto Ballin'
Homies and Thugs (Remix)
Crazy Bout Ya
Trust Nobody
Time For a 187
Welcome to My City
99 Ways to Die
Things Ain't What They Used to Be
Eyes on Your Enemies
Life I Live
These Streets Keep Me Rollin'
Thinkin Bout U
Best Hustler
Never Ending Game
Black and White
My Dogs
Bout That Drama
Back On Top
No More Tears
Till We Dead And Gone
Ghetto Life
My Ghetto Heroes
Playa From Around The Way
So Many Souls Deceased
Let My 9 Get 'Em
Time To Check My Crackhouse
The Farm
Ghetto Prayer
Here We Go
Mama Raised Me
Dead Presidents
Nobody Moves