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All the lyrics of Mellencamp John Cougar:

Wild Night
Hand To Hold On To
To Live
Emotional Love
Play Guitar
To The River
Jack &Diane
Martha Say
Dance Naked
Too Much To Think About
Life Is Hard
Ain't Even Done With The Night
Between A Laugh And A Tear
Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)
What If I Came Knocking
Case 795 (The Family)
Peaceful World
Let It All Hang Out
Jack And Diane
R O C K In The U S A (A Salute To '60s Rock)
Paper In Fire
The Full Catastrophe
Taxi Dancing
You've Got To Stand For Somethin'
Check It Out
I'm Not Running Anymore
The Face Of The Nation
Justice And Independence '85
Cheap Shot
Make Me Feel
I Need Somebody
Hotdogs And Hamburgers
Down And Out In Paradise
This Time
Danger List
Small Paradise
Get A Leg Up
China Girl
Hurts So Good
Under The Boardwalk
Love And Happiness
Rooty Toot Toot
Crumblin' Down
Thundering Hearts
Eden Is Burning
Taxi Dancer
Your Life Is Now
When Jesus Left Birmingham
A Little Night Dancin'
Hot Night In A Cold Town
They're So Tough
The Kind Of Fella I Am
Wild Angel
Empty Hands
The Big Jack
Country Gentleman
Cuttin' Heads
I Ain't Ever Satisfied
Crazy Island
Warmer Place To Sleep
Another Sunny Day 12, 25
Close Enough
Sweet Evening Breeze
Hit The Road Jack
Mr. Bellows
Weakest Moments
Good Girls
French Shoes
Hard Times For An Honest Man
Whenever We Wanted
Do You Think That's Fair
Just Another Day
Jackie Brown
In My Time Of Dying
Don't Misunderstand Me
Beige To Beige
Farewell Angelina
Break Me Off Some
Mansions In Heaven
Suzanne And The Jewels
Oh Pretty Woman
Without Expression
J.M.'s Question
Pray For Me
Where The World Began
To M G (Wherever She May Be)
The Real Life
Fruit Trader
Grandma's Theme
2000 A.D.
Can You Take It
In Our Lives