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All the lyrics of Michelle Branch:

All You Wanted
Goodbye to You
Are You Happy Now
Here With Me
You Set Me Free
You get me
Sweet Misery
The Game Of Love
I`d Rather Be In Love
If Only She Knew
one of these days
Sooner or Later
Tuesday morning
Til I Get Over You
Loud music
Something To Sleep To
Drop in the Ocean
Find Your Way Back
It's You
Hotel Paper
Where Are You Now?
Empty Handed
Love Me Like That
Crazy Ride
07. I'll Always Be Right There
Getaway (Ft. Timbaland)
Second Chances
this way
Ready To Let You Go
I Want Tears
10. Leap Of Faith
I'm Feeling You
Game Of Love
Paper Pieces
Washing Machine
Everything Comes And Goes
Everywhere To Me
if you happen to call
Lay Me Down
'Till I Get Over You [Acoustic Live]
Michelle Branch - Everywhere
Find my way back
Need To Be Next To You
One of those days
Stewart's Coat
If She Only Knew
Wanting Out
A Case Of You
Hold My Heart
Long Goodbye
Take A Chance On Me
1000 Miles
I'm Feeling You Ft. Santana
13. The Game Of Love ft Santana
Leave the Pieces (The Wreckers)
Texas in The Mirror
Standing On The Edge
I Can Save You
Happy Now
For Dear Life
Everything Comes & Goes
Without You
Play With Fire
Empty hand
Happen To Call
Michelle Branch - Broken Bracelet - 08 - Goodbye To You
i want tear
Michelle Brown - Everywhere
每天听首外文歌——Goodbye To You
Heartbreak Now
Not a Love Song
Fault Line
Living a Lie
Knock Yourself Out
Temporary Feeling
Hopeless Romantic