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All the lyrics of Miracle Of Sound:

Commander Shepard
The New Black Gold
Sovngarde Song
Age of the Dragon
Breaking Down The Borders
Nord Mead
Joker's Song
Redemption Blues
Little Sister
Gordon Freeman Saved My Life!
Sweet L.A.
The Mind Of The Bat
Wheatley's Song
Mining All Day Long
Brothers Of The Creed
The Dead Don't Shuffle (They Run)
Shadows in the moonlight
Wasteland Soul
Fire In Your Hole
I Suck At Call Of Duty
Mortal Kombat Party
Silver and Steel
Beauty Bleak
Santiago's Lament
Necromorph Soup
The Ballad Of Clay Carmine
Comin' For Your Tank
The Grind
Goodbye Black Ops
Second Chance Song
Zombie Holiday
Duke, You Used To Be Cool
Trip To Vegas
Life in Bullet Time
You Died
Thunder's Theme - Full Version
Shooter Guy
Khajiit Like To Sneak
Distant Honor
Take It Back
City of Night
Wake The White Wolf
His Father's Son
Halfman's Song
The Savage Side of Me
Hell in the Headspace
Blood Of The Creed
The Crush
My Revolution
Shadow Of The Ash
Through The Age Of The Dragon
Back in Time
A Dog's Life
Cries Of A Dead World (Wasteland 2 Credits version)
Digital Shadow
Dream Of The Sky
All As One
Man and Machine
The Call
Welcome Home
When Winter Comes
Beneath The Black Flag
Forever Blue
Jet Black Dress
Dream Of Goodbye
Messing With The Best
Big Ten
Call Of Home
Fires Far
Into The Mind
Every Time You Look Around
Take It Back - Extended Cut
Uncivil War
Fistful Of Concrete
The Best I Can
Higher Tonight
Hard Cash
Voice Of A New Age
Ploughing A Troll
Keep Drifting
Thunder Mountain
The Call Of Duty Circus
My Iron Skin
Roll Out
Give Them Hell
The Day The World Died
Niko It's Your Cousin