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All the lyrics of Mocca:

I Remember
Secret Admirer
Me and My Boyfriend
The Best Thing
My Only One
Hanya Satu
on the night like this
i think im in love
What If (Accoustic)
I Love you anyway
Dear Diary
Listen To Me
Friend (Acoustic Version)
Do What You Wanna Do
Hyper ballad
Let Me Go
Twist Me Around
you dont even know me
..and rain will fall
Lucky Man
It's Over now
I Would Never (Featuring Karolina Komstedt)
You And Me Against The World
seven days ago
Life keeps on turning
(I Can't Believe) You've Cheated On Me !
The Object Of My Affection
Swing it Bob
Sebelum Kau Tidur
Sunday Afternoon (alternate version)
When The Moonlight Shines
This Conversation
Me & My Boyfriend
Secret admire
Baby, You're a Fool
Buddy Zeus
Butterflies in My Tummy
How wonderful life would be
Once upon a time ( + secret admirer )
Goodnight Song
Once Upon A Time+Secret Admirer
Ode For The Love Ones
Imaginary Girlfriend
Bundle Of Joy
03 My Only Love
Me And My Boyfriend Goodnight song
On The Night Like This
10 How Wonderful Would Be
Good Morning Song
06 I Would Never Feat Karolina Komsted
I will (The Beatles cover)
This Conversation Feat Bob Tutupoli
Ode For The Love One
Ode For The Loves One
Friends (Acoustic Version)
Me & My Boyfriend (Acoustic) + Goodnight Song
Senandung Rindu
Changing Fate
Somewhere in My Dreamland
Building Memories
Stars In Your Eyes
Last Piece
I Can't Believe You've Cheated on Me
You're The Man
(I Can't Believe) You've Cheat
7 Days Ago
The Best Thing In The World
(i can't Believe)
Object of My Affection
I think I’m in love
goodnight songs
When The Moon Light Shine
The Only One
It’s Over Now
In The Night Like This
once upon the time
Me and My Boyfriend perfect
Imaginary Single
Aku dan Kamu
Di Penghujung Hari Minggu
Perahu Kertas
Ketika Semua Telah Berakhir feat. Gardika Gigih
Tanda Tanya
Teman Sejati
One Upon a Time, Secret Admirer
Dan Akhirnya