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All the lyrics of Old Mans Child:

Black Seeds on Virgin Soil
Enslaved And Condemned
The Old Man's Child
Felonies Of The Christian Art
War of fidelity
Soul Possessed
Agony Of Fallen Grace
My Kingdom Will Come
Return of the Night Creatures
The Soul Receiver
Born Of The Flickering
My Demonic Figures
Towards Eternity
Seeds Of The Ancient Gods
The Flames Of Deceit
Life Deprived
Black Marvels Of Death
Behind The Mask
Slaves Of The World
Fall Of Man
Twilight Damnation
Demons Of The Thorncastle
Demoniacal Possession
Hominis Nocturna
St. Aidens Fall
Manet Sorgfull Igjennom Skogen
The Dream Ghost
Phantoms Of Mortem Tales
My Evil Revelations
The underworld domains
Unholy Vivid Innocence
Sacrifice of Vengeance
God Of Impiety
What Malice Embrace
In Torment's Orbit
In Black Endless Void
Unholy Foreign Crusade
Passage To Pandemonium
In Defiance Of Existence
Captives Of Humanity
The Crimson Meadows
Christian Death
Into Silence Embrace
The Millenium King
Swallowed By A Buried One
Thy Servant
King Of The Dark Ages
Lord Of Command (bringer Of Hate)
The Millennium King
Obscure Divine Manifestation
On Through The Desert Storm
The Spawn Of Lost Creation
The Last Chapter
Funeral, Swords And Souls
World Expiration
Path Of Destruction
Saviours Of Doom
In Defiance of Existance
In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams
Ferden mot fiendens land
Leads To Utopia / The Old Man's Dream
On The Devil's Throne
Servants Of Satan's Monastery
Wounds From The Night Of Magic
Demonical Possession
Leads To Utopia / Old Man's Dream
Return Of The Nights Creature
All Or Nothing
Og Jeg Iakttok Dřdsrikets Inntog
King Of The Dark Age
Og Jeg Iakttok DÛdsrikets Inntog