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All the lyrics of Pokemon:

Pokemon 2 (original)
Pokemon Johto
Gotta Catch 'em All (Corrected)
Together Forever
Pokemon Theme
Opening theme
Pokemon Theme Song
Tema de Pokémon
Whole New World (Johto Journeys Full Theme)
Double Trouble
2.B.A. Master
Misty's Song
Pokemon World
My Best Friends
Song of Jigglypuff
All We Wanna Do
Viridian City
Believe In Me
Battle Frontier
Theme Song (Russian)
What Kind Of Pokemon Are You
You and me and Pokemon
everything changes
Mis Mejores Amigos
Ciudad Viridian
I Want To Be A Hero
Por Siempre Juntos
Cartoon Themes
Pokemon Dance Mix (Español)
Aratanaru Chikai
The Night Before Christmas
kimi no soba de
You Can Do It (If You Really Try)
Chiisaki Mono
Jigglypuff's Song
La hora llego
Master quest
Todo Cambia
Ending (Hyakugojūichi)
Born to Be A Winner
This Dream
Pokémon Thema
Equipo Rocket
Johto Journeys
To Be A Master
Canción de Misty
Secret Garden
Don't Say You Love Me
My Best Friend
Two Perfect Girls
¿Que Clase de Pokemon Eres Tu?
Hey Pikachu!
dan yo eien ni
Biggest Part Of My Life
Pokémon Johto Theme (Abertura 3 - pt-BR)
This Side Of Paradise
Pokemon Christmas Bash
Intro Latino
Advanced battle
Tema Pokémon
Never Too Far from Home
I wanna be a hero
Battle cry
Johto's journeys
Invencível (Abertura 8 - pt-BR)
Pokémon Master Quest (Abertura 6 - pt-BR)
Johto league's champions
Gunya Gunya Gasau Gasu
I Keep My Home In My Heart
Advanced challenge
Kaze to issho ni - 01 - Kaze to issho ni(with the wind)
My Best Friend - Pokemon
Na zawsze razem
Abertura-Opening Theme 06 (BR)
Abertura 3
The Pokemon Rap
Team Rocket's Motto
Double Trouble Team Rocket
Relève le défi
Pokemon Best Friends
Batalha da Fronteira (9ª Abertura)
The Journey's Just Begun
Pokémon - Orange League (Abertura 2 - pt-BR)
Tengo Que Ser Un Maestro Pokem
Wir werden Sieger sein
Pokémon Advance (Abertura 6 - pt-BR)
Esse Sonho - Challenger!
To Be Master
Battle dimension
Pikachu i choose you
Orange islands
New Johto PokéRap
atraparlos ya
Pokemon na no mae