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All the lyrics of Rasputina:

Transylvanian Concubine
Wish You Were Here
Howard Hughes
Why Don't You Do Right
Brand New Key
Holocaust of Giants
The New Zero
Gingerbread Coffin
The Olde HeadBoard
Secret Message
You Don't Own Me
Watch T.V.
Rose K.
Rusty The Skatemaker
Wicked Dickie
Saline the Salt Lake Queen
Doomsday Averted
Sign Of The Zodiac
How We Quit The Forest
The Mayor
1816, The Year Without A Summer
May Fly
My Little Shirtwaist Fire
Dig Ophelia
Any Old Actress
Diamond Mind
Cry Babies
Christian Soldiers
Mr. E. Leon Rauis
Things I'm Gonna Do
Girls School
Hunter's Kiss
Herb Girls Of Birkenau
Sister Sleep
High On Life
The Donner Party
Cage In A Cave
Trust All-Stars (Germanic Version):
Momma Was an Opium-Smoker
This little piggy
A Quitter
Thimble Island
My Orphanage
When I Was a Young Girl
State fair
Oh, Bring Back The Egg Unbroken
Possum of the Grotto
All Tomorrow's Parties
When I Count...
Choose Me For Champion
Incident In A Medical Clinic
Our Lies
Rock And Roll
Remnants of Percy Bass
Sweetwater Kill
My Captivity By Savages
Oh Injury.
Humankind, as the Sailor
The Fox In The Snow
Snow-Hen of Austerlitz
If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love
Fire &Ice
Utopian Society
Old Yellowcake Breaking News
Call Me Alice (life 101)
Sweet Sister Temperance
Dranconian Crackdown
My Night Sky
We Stay Behind
Identity Tokens
November 17dee
Yellow Fever
Transylvanian Concbuine
Golden Grains
A Skeleton Bang