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All the lyrics of Robert Plant:

Big Log
Morning dew
29 Palms
ship of fools (dev4)
Tall Cool One
Heaven Knows
In the Mood
Moonlight In Samosa
If I Were A Carpenter
Darkness Darkness
Angel Dance
Like I've never Been Gone
Other Arms
Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You)
Burning Down One Side
Calling To You
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
I Believe
House of cards
Slow dancer
Shine it All Around
Tie dye on the highway
Sea Of Love
Central Two-O-Nine
Silver Rider
Even This Shall Pass Away
Song To The Siren
Dance On My Own
Horizontal Departure
Down To The Sea
You Can't Buy My Love
The Greatest Gift
Little By Little
All the Kings Horses
Funny In My Mind (I Believe Im Fixin To Die)
Promised Land
Hey joe
One More Cup Of Coffee
Pledge pin
Messin With The Mekon
Tin Pan Valley
Thru With The Two Step
Big Love
Another Tribe
Come Into My Life
The Only Sound That Matters
Wreckless love
Billy's Revenge
Harms Swift Way
Sixes And Sevens
Fat Lip
last time i saw her
Win my train fare home
Memory Song (Hello, Hello)
Walking Towards Paradise
Mighty Rearranger
Hip to hoo
Pink And Black
Liars Dance
Dirt in a Hole
Worse Than Detroit
The Enchanter
Skip's Song
Network News
The Way I Feel
Great Spirit
Stranger Here....Than Over There
Mystery title
Red Dress
White Clean And Neat
Freedom Fries
Kallalou Kallalou
I Cried
Brother Ray
Trouble Your Money
Helen Of Troy
I'm Falling In Love Again
Doo Doo A Do Do
Too Loud
Far Post
She Said
Watching You
Upside Down
Falling in Love Again
21 Years
Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
Dancing In Heaven
You'd Better Run
Louie, Louie
Our Song
Somebody knocking
Let's Have A Party
One Love