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All the lyrics of Sade:

Smooth Operator
By Your Side
No Ordinary Love
Your Love Is King
The Sweetest Taboo
kiss of life
Hang On To Your Love
Cherish The Day
Is It A Crime
Nothing Can Come Between Us
King Of Sorrow
Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Soldier Of Love
The Moon and the sky
Never As Good As The First Time
Like A Tattoo
Feel No Pain
Lovers Rock
And I Miss You
Please Send Me Someone to Love
Somebody Already Broke My Heart
The Sweetest Gift
Morning bird
Why Can't We Live Together
Bullet Proof Soul
Bring me home
Every Word
Cherry Pie
In an other time
Slave Song
Frankie's First Affair
I Will Be Your Friend
Long Hard Road
All About Our Love
When Am I Going To Make A Living
Love Is Found
Be That Easy
Haunt Me
I Couldn't Love You More
The Safest Place
Mr. Wrong
It's Only Love That Gets You Through
Clean Heart
Keep Looking
Turn My Back On You
Siempre Hay Esperanza
You're Not The Man
Still In Love With You
Tar Baby
War Of The Hearts
Give It Up
I Never Thought I'd See The Day
I Would Never Have Guessed
Sweetest Taboo
Kissing You(Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet)
Like a Tatoo
War Of The Heart
I Would Have Never Guessed
Diamond Life
Ordinary Love
Solider of Love
Killer blow
Every World
Moon and the Sky, The
Sweetest Gift
I Still In Love With You
never as good
It's Only Love That Gets
The Sweetest Tatoo
Like The Desert Misses the Rain
Skin Sade
somebdy already broke my heart(标准版)
King Of Sorrows
You're Not My Man
每天听首外文歌——No Ordinary Love
Like A Tattoo Lyrics
The Big Unknown