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All the lyrics of Scooter:

how much is the fish
The Logical Song
Maria (I Like It Loud)
Ramp! (The Logical Song)
Jumping All Over The World
Hello (Good To Be Back)
Faster Harder Scooter
Move Your Ass
Hyper Hyper
The Question is what is the Question
One (Always Hardcore)
The Night
Shake that!
4 AM (Radio Edition)
I'm Raving
The Age Of Love
Endless Summer
Jigga Jigga
Break It Up
Back In The Uk
Rebel Yell
J'adore Hardcore
No Fate
Call Me Manana
Hands Up!
I'm Lonely
Behind The Cow
Aiii Shot The Dj
I Was Made For Lovin' You
We Are The Greatest
Let Me Be Your Valentine
She's The Sun
Ti Sento
I'm Your Pusher
Ramp! The Logical Song
Fuck the Millenium
Apache Rocks The Bottom
Fuck The Millennium
Summer Wine
Stuck On Replay
And No Matches
See Me, Feel Me
Dancing In The Moonlight
Eyes Without A Face
I Shot the DJ
The Leading Horse
Take a Break
Logical Song
age of love
Rock Bottom
Am Fenster (Live version)
Expecting More From Ratty
Waiting For Spring
We Bring The Noise
Beautiful Vibes
Acid Bomb
The First Time
Imaginary Battle
I Was Made For Loving You
Sex Dwarf
Roll Baby Roll
Hit The Drum
Burn The House
Does The Fish Have Chips?
Don't Let It Be Me
_ My Eyes are Dry
Zebras Crossing The Street
Take Me Baby
Don't Gimme The Funk
C'est Bleu (feat. Vicky Leandros)
We Take You Higher
She Said
Seven Bridges
When I Was A Young Boy
Leave In Silence
Privileged To Witness
The Shit That Killed Elvis
I'll Put You On The Guestlist
All I Wanna Do
Well Done, Peter
Scooter del mar
Panties Wanted
Forever (Keep Me Running)
Raving In Mexico
The Definition
This Is A Monstertune
Everlasting Love
The Chaser
Marian (Version)