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All the lyrics of South Park Mexican:

You Know My Name
I Must Be High
Bloody War
Dope Game
Land of the Lost
Wiggy Wiggy
Mexican Radio
El Jugador (The Player)
Filthy Rich
High So High
Children of the Ghetto
Follow My Lead
Cool Enough
Hustle Town
Hillwood Hustlaz
Whatever You Do
Hubba Hubba
Ooh Wee
Miss Perfect
2 Joints
3rd Wish
Anything Goes
Block of Rock (For Years)
The System
Streets on Beats
Time is Money
All Cot Up
Crazy Lady
The 3rd Wish
Country Life
Habitual Criminal
Are We Real?
Riddla On Da Roof
Night Shift
Screens Falling
Dope House Family
Don't Hide It
High Everyday
Oh My My
In My Hood
SPM vs. Los
One of Those Nights
Wizard Of Oz
Power Moves
Illegal Amigos
Stay On Your Grind
The Beach House
Latin Throne
Ghetto Tales
Mi Ruka
I Need A Sweet
Cookie Baker
He's a Bird, He's a Plane
Ghetto Prisoner
Peace Pipe
Comin' Up Comin' Down
Cali Tex Connect
My Feria
Deep (Instrumental)
Boys On Da Cut
City of Dank
Hillwood Hustlaz II
Meet Your Fate
Styrofoam Cup
Child of the Ghetto
I Am Your Future
Since Day 1
Who's Over There
Thug Girl
Dope House Intro
U Know My Name
I Wanna Know Her Name
Twice Last Night
Woodson N Worthin
We Did Dat
Deep Instrumental (Hillwood)
Dallas To Houston
Get Yo Guns
Suckaz N Hataz
Throw Away Gats
Somethin' I Would Do
Red Beams And Rice
Watch the Block Bleed
H-Town G-Funk
Screwed Up Tape
Burn Us Alive
Duh Duh Duh