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All the lyrics of Survivor:

eye of the tiger
Burning heart
The Search Is Over
Eversince The World Began
I Can't Hold Back
High On You
Survivor Eye Of The Tiger
Is This Love
Eyes of tiger
Eyes Of The Tiger
American Heartbeat
Eye of Tiger
Eye of a tiger
The Moment of Truth
Man Against The World
Poor Man's Son
Feels Like Love
The One That Really Matters
Children Of The Night
I'm not that man anymore
Somewhere in America
First Night
Desperate Dreams
Caught in the Game
Hesitation Dance
How Much Love
Hungry Years
Silver Girl
You Know Who You Are
Didn't Know It Was Love
I See You In Everyone
Search Is Over
Across The Miles
Popular Girl
Broken Promises
Rebel Son
I Never Stopped Loving You
No Easy Way Out
Survivor - Burning Heart
It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
It's The Singer Not The Song
Summer Nights (Long Version)
Chevy Nights
She's A Star
Jackie Don't Go
When Seconds Count
Too Hot To Sleep
Burning Bridges
Can't Getcha Offa My Mind
Let It Be Now
Moment Of Truth
In Good Faith
Rhythm Of The City
Backstreet Love Affair
Can't Let You Go
Keep It Right Here
Ready For The Real Thing
Fire Makes Steel
Santa Ana Winds
Take You On A Saturday
As Soon As Love Finds Me
Tell Me I'm The One
Can't Give It Up
Rebel Girl
Heart's A Lonely Hunter
Light Of A Thousand Smiles
Love Has Got Me
Here Comes Desire
What Do You Really Think?
Whole Town's Talkin'
Nothing Can Shake Me (From Your Love)
Runway Lights
Eye Of The Tiger_Survivor
Love Is On My Side
Seconds Away
Whatever It Takes
Talkin' 'Bout Love
One More Chance
Don't Give Up
Somewhere Here in America
Half Of My Heart
Half On My Heart
Sweetest Victory
No Easy Way Out Lyrics
The Moment Truth
I'm Not Than Man Anymore
I Can't Hold It Back