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All the lyrics of The Script:

The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Breakeven (Falling To Pieces)
Hall of Fame (ft.
For The First Time (Live)
If You Could See Me Now
If You Ever Come Back
Exit wounds
Six Degrees Of Separation
We Cry
Before The Worst
I'm Yours
Talk You Down (Live)
You Wont Feel a Thing
Dead Man Walking
No Good In Goodbye
Long Gone and Moved On
Science & Faith
If You See Kay
Fall For Anything
Walk Away
Man On A Wire (Official Video
This = Love
Rusty Halo
Anybody There
Broken Arrow
No Words
Give The Love Around
Good Ol' Days
Science and Faith
It's Not Right for You
The End Is Where I Begin
The End Where I Begin
The Energy Never Dies
Army Of Angels
Hail Rain or Sunshine
Never Seen Anything 'Quite Like You
Without Those Songs
Paint the Town Green
Moon Boots
Hall of Fame ft.
bullet from a gun
This is Love
the man that can't be moved
Six Degress of Seperation
Live Like We're Dying
The Man Who Can't Be Move
Howl at the Moon
Good Ol’ Days
Man Who Can't Be Moved
Lose Yourself (Live from BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge)
It’s Not Right For You
Never Seen Anything ‘Quite Like You’
The man who can´t be moved
Six Degrees Of Seperation (Explicit)
The First Time
Hall of Fame feat.
That's My Home
None The Wiser
Long Gone and Move On
Man who can’t be moved
The Man Who Can't Move
Times Like These (Live)
Together We Cry
Six Degree Of Separation
Good Ol’ Days
If You Could See Me
If You Ever Came Back
The Man Can't Be Move
Walk Away Feat B.O.B
Six Degree of Seperation
The End Wjere I Begin
You Won't Fell a Thing
It's Not Right Fo You
Make Up
Freedom Child
Divided States of America
Love Not Lovers
Crazy World (feat. Christy Dignam) [Live from Dublin]
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
Love Not Lover
Man On Wire
Written in the Scars
No Man Is an Island
Man who can't be move
Mad Love
Rock the World
Arms Open