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All the lyrics of The Used:

Buried My Self Alive
Blue And Yellow
All That I_ve Got
The Bird And The Worm
Pretty Handsome Awkward
I Caught Fire
The Taste Of Ink
Hard To Say
Take It Away
find a way
Smother Me
Poetic Tragedy
On My Own
I'm a fake
06 Paralyzed
It's Hard To Say
Burning Down The House
Maybe Memories
liar liar (burn in hell)
A Box Full of Sharp Objects
Let It Bleed
Kissing You Goodbye
Blood On My Hands
Noise And Kisses
Cut Up angels
The Ripper
Empty With You
With Me Tonight
I Come Alive
greener with the scenery(1)
wake the dead
Lunacy Fringe
Say Days Ago
Yesterday's Feelings
Devil Beside You
Sound Effects and Overdramatics
Pieces Mended
Born To Quit
Sold My Soul
Dark Days
Put Me Out
Hands And Faces
Light With A Sharpened Edge
Getting Over You
Choke me
Yesterday Feelings
This Fire
The Best Of Me
Watered down
On The Cross
Slit Your Own Throat
Men Are All The Same
Together Burning Bright
Meant To Die
Now That You're Dead
Come Undone
My Pesticide
Give Me Love
Alone this holiday
Moving On
Just a Little
Sun Comes Up
Into my Web
Kiss it Goodbye
the back of your mouth
Sick Hearts
Hurt No More
Burried Myself Alive
Taste of ink
Soundeffects And Overdramatic
Under Pressure
Light With The Sharpened Edge
Sometimes I Just Go For It
Generation Throwaway
Imaginary Enemy
A Song To Stifle Imperial Progression
Kenna Song
Make Believe
The Lonely
Goodbye To You
A Box Full Of A Sharp Objects
the used buried myself alive
Peotic Tragedy
It Could Be A Good Excuse (Demo)
Zero Mechanism (Demo)
Force Without Violence