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All the lyrics of UFO:

Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom
Lights Out
Oh Ibuku
Love To Love
Only You Can Rock Me
Too Hot To Handle
Try Me
High Flyer
Oh! my
Let It Roll
Natural Thing
Shoot Shoot
(Come Away) Melinda
I'm A Loser
Space Child
Crystal Light
Lipstick Traces
Mother Mary
Can You Roll Her
Out In The Street
09 - Martian Landscape
Built For Comfort
Highway Lady
Too Young To Know
Queen Of The Deep
This Kid's
Young Blood
On With The Action
Hot 'N' Ready
Lonely Heart
Time On My Hands
Profession Of Violence
C'mon Everybody
Love Lost Love
Just Another Suicide
Reasons Love
Lettin' Go
Alone Again Or
Pack It Up (And Go)
Unidentified Flying Object
Electric Phase
Let It Rain
Long Gone
Prince Kajuku
Mystery Train
A Fool In Love
Silver Bird
Chains Chains
Dance Your Life Away
Ain't No Baby
When It's Time To Rock
Too Much Of Nothing
This Time
Born To Lose
Follow You Home
Gettin' Ready
No Place To Run
Treacle People
Back into my life
Star Storm
Who Do You Love
Shake It About
Saving Me
Arbory Hill
You Don't Fool Me
One More For The Rodeo
Gone In The Night
We Belong To The Night
This Fire Burns Tonight
Alpha Centauri
Blinded By A Lie
The Coming Of Prince Kajuku
Living Proof
Take It Or Leave It
It's Killing Me
Lookin' Out For No
Makin' Moves
A Self Made Man
Pushed To The Limit
Doing It All For You
Night Run
The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent
Couldn't Get It Right
Money, Money
The Writer
On The Waterfront
Name Of Love
A Fool For Love
Knock Knock